The Weight of Tragedy

by Eons

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derek wetenkamp
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derek wetenkamp Tylor has some of the most passionate vocals and lyrics that I have heard in a while. Layer that on top of the wonderful musicianship of the rest of the guys and you're guaranteed to have some good stuff. Favorite track: Wake Up.
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Recorded by Andy Patterson in Salt Lake City, Utah


released September 24, 2012



all rights reserved


Eons Salt Lake City, Utah

5 Piece Melodic Post-Hardcore band from Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Track Name: Back Home
Choke it back down, your pride and insecurities.
The life you lead, the life you leave behind.
Just fill it up, until you can't feel anything.
Drink down the pain, breath air until you fade away.
Is there anything more than this? So lifeless our locked up secrets.
But still so god damn comforting just to know we've all been bleeding.
I'd rather be drinking, then begging to nothing.
Maybe it's the only way to wipe the stains from our face.
The only way to erase the mistakes we've made.
When these nights start to feel the same, we unite to unveil our pain. Sense we last met things will never be the same.
Drink up, move on.
As we hang our heads we life our glass.
We make a toast to the broken road.
No matter how far we may go, we always end up back home.
Track Name: Hide and Seek
This game of hide-and-seek is getting pretty old.
They told me you were gone, where the hell did you run off to?
Well just please come back.
I've been wasting away, running memories through my head. Wondering where you went?
How did we come to this?
Where are you? I need my friend.
I should have told you what you meant.
I've been wondering where the fuck I was when you walked away, and you left me here.
I'm sorry I wasn't there when you needed me because now I need you. I swear I won't let a friend go out like this ever-again.
I swear I will be here when you get home, oh god never again.
This can't really be the end, I wish I told you what you meant.
Please, just make it out alive.
But with this path you've chosen there's no turning back.
In the end if it's what you wanted, I'll have to live with that.
I could have told you more what you meant to me, but it wouldn't change a god damn thing.
Because now I stand here right in front of you, separated by the boards of wood.
As they pile dirt on top of you, of course I forgive you, I just wish I understood.
Just get my friend out of that box!
Track Name: Worth
Where do I begin to convince myself that this road that I've chosen is worth the price I pay to ride on?
You don't know me all.
This is the life that I've chosen and I'm not stopping for anyone.
I won't plant my feet in this garden you've laid out for me.
There's no fruit left to bare, when you've sewed these seeds.
I won't eat that poison, I've seen where that leads.
I could have walked away. I could have been somewhere else.
I could have gave up everything. I could have been someone else.
But this is where I'll stay. This is my life.
This is who I choose to be, and I won't let you chose for me.
A life worth living with passion as the fuel for continuing.
We won't settle for anything.
Is it worth the price I pay?
I don't need the glory, I don't want the luxuries I just need my friends and family pouring love into symphonies.
This is who I am.
This means everything to me.
Track Name: Lockjaw
I should have let you go, but it's too late.
Now I'm stuck here wasting away, torn into pieces at the sound of your name.
How'd I let it come to this?
That separation that tear in my faith left me out to dry.
Pulling away as I grab on to anything. I am a mess, wasting away.
I can't forgive you because I can't forget.
How am I supposed to keep moving when this is where I've planted my feet, and after all those years of screaming, the tip of my tongue has shattered my teeth.
But I will move onward, and I will relearn to speak.
This may be the end for us, but this is not the end for me.
I will always move onward, I will find some peace and comfort.
This is not the end for me, but I will never forget what you did.
Track Name: Wake Up
I still remember the silence, the separation of life.
The disconnecting conclusion, and the absence of light.
Just please wake up. I'm not ready to watch you go.
How can I still stand without a cornerstone?
I watched your body decay, and slip away with the room.
I still remember the sight, the body bag they slipped you into.
I owe my life to you. Everything I've ever done.
You were the reason I stayed, the reason I still carry on.
With all this time we spend in tides, I made it through because of you.
I was waiting on both knees praying for someone to save me.
I watched the tear of my family to the weight of tragedy.
I met satan that day, his breath was filling the room.
As you withered away there was nothing I could do.
Where was the savior when I needed him?
Where was the safety that they promised me?
I lost my faith in grace that day, lost my leader, lost my streangth.
I still carry you in my heart after all these years.
Though my eyes still burn, you still comfort my fears.
Where is this "god" now? He killed my savior.
I swear if I ever meet him, I will tear the "grace" from his hands.
Please, please wake up.